With a great passion …Aquatic Nurseries commenced operations in 1996, with a great commitment and expertise of a team with the leadership of Sathyendra Wijayapura, now is in the forefront of the aquarium fish export industry in Sri Lanka, being one of the largest and leading ornamental fish and aquatic plant exporters from the pearl of the Indian Ocean. 

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  • Sri Lanka Ornamental Fish Exports to Rise

    Sri Lanka is to increase its ornamental fish share in the world market in spite of various challenges such as GSP plus concession withdrawal.

    The country's ornamental fish share in the world market is 3 percent now. Plans have been made to increase the world market share with foreign expert assistance in the ornamental fish industry, Association of Live Tropical Fish Exporters of Sri Lanka, President Sathyendra Wijayapura said.

  • Ornamental fish industry targets Rs 1 billion The ornamental fish industry expects to reach Rupees one billion by end of this year despite difficulties due to the depreciation of the exchange rate at present.
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